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📣 Calling all busy moms with the never ending to-do lists!

You can kickstart your journey to looking and feeling good in just 6 weeks!

I get it, you find yourself lacking energy and not feeling confident in your clothes. 

You find yourself losing motivation.  

But if you continue to keep doing what you’re doing and not being consistent towards your healthy lifestyle, you will be in the same state, this time next year.  

You will still be lacking energy and confidence.

I used to train women at a major fitness centre and I fell in love with the work I was doing there. I became the fitness manager and a top trainer for the company. I absolutely loved helping women feel strong and confident! Soon enough, I became aware that there was a community of women online, just like you, looking for someone that you can relate to in this space. This is why I created a whole program just for you.  

To not only help you achieve the results you want but… 

to also ELEVATE your energy & confidence! 

I want to help you Kickstart your fitness journey.


Why should this big result matter?

  •  Healthy Mama = healthier family
  •  Being able to take your kids to the park and be present with them
  •  Feeling an increase in energy levels
  •  Feeling confident in your own skin/clothes

JOIN THE 1000+ women who participated in the 6 WEEK CHALLENGE. 

$199.00 USD 

[ Valued At ]

 $249.00 USD

This round is the last time I’ll be offering the program at this price! Prices go up Feb 2023!




Full-length workouts

— Can be done from home

25-30 minutes long


Including an Exercise Guide to help you track your results and a Meal Guide with over 50+ delicious meals that you and your family will love!


A private Facebook Group where you can check in everyday, ask questions and get motivation and support

Lifetime Access

Come back and re-do the challenge or any of the workouts whenever you want!

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"I'd been looking for a healthy lifestyle regimen after having a baby, and Zehra Allibhai's 6 week challenge was a godsend. Prior to starting, I was a ball of couch potato self loathing, knowing I had to do something but not sure I could truthfully commit to driving to the gym. This program was the answer: motivational and realistic. The quides are not daunting, clear and easy to follow. The workouts are quick and can be done at home (and airbnb or hotel as I did for 10 days!). As someone who can find any excuse, I was stumped to find a healthy lifestyle excuse now. The program is completely realistic to: working, breastfeeding, moms, I feel amazing and love the new friends I've made."

- Maria

"Awesome! You are one of my most favourite people! I weighed in the first week of Jan and had lost 10 lbs, I am at week 17 of working out 5 days a week, I eat better and love working out with you every day!!! You have changed my life."

—Sultana Khan

"It was an amazing 6week journey to a fitter/ stronger ME! It helped me get toned and back in shape and fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans! 👀 But apart from that, it initiated me and so my entire family to eat healthy and clean. Zehra is awesome.. she helps you every step of the way!!"

—Sana Parekh

"I can actually do a full push up now! I am also more aware of what I am eating and try (not always perfect) to ask myself if I am making the best choice or if I should drink water before I eat. I am also more in a routine, which has helped reduce stress."



My passion is helping women reach their fitness goals and live a healthy and active life! I’ve helped thousands of women get fitter, stronger, and more comfortable in their bodies, and I’m so excited to help and support you along your journey as well. 

With a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and my many fitness certifications, I have the knowledge and tools to help you get to where you want to be.



Weekly Facebook Live sessions with Zehra — setting the right mindset, meal prep, check-ins, getting the most out of the program


Help to keep you on track and stay accountable


You'll always be welcome to join any subsequent 6 Week Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

 I’m not going to sugar coat it, the workouts are designed to be short but intense.  You’ll sweat and push yourself as hard as you can. This is how you're you're going to see incredible results in less time than you ever thought possible, by getting your body in the “metabolic zone” so you'll be burning major calories while getting stronger, leaner and more toned.

Let's just say you're gonna love it.  The recipes and meal plan are anything but boring and include a mix of simple but amazing (family approved) recipes from all over the world. I'll teach you how to make eating clean taste delicious! We are eating whole foods baby!

Not much! All you need is a skipping rope, yoga mat, a set of weights (or preferably two sets, 1 heavier & 1 lighter) and a step/sturdy chair (or you can just use stairs)

You have lifetime access! Yup, you read that right, you’ll have the workout and recipes for life! That means you’ll have access to join in on any future rounds of the 6 Week Challenge absolutely free!

Once you register for the program and create your personal account, you will have access to all of the files and videos in one place. You can pace yourself and do the workouts each day at your convenience. The videos are all iOS and Android friendly so you can view them from your mobile phones or tablets. 

All you need to know is I GOT YOU! I genuinely want you to succeed and I'll be there to guide you every step of the way. I'm a Kinesiologist and Personal Trainer with over 18 years of experience helping women just like yourself crush their fitness goals.  I'm dedicated to not only helping you but making it fun.

Over the next 6 weeks you'll see your body transform and the way you look at health and fitness will also change forever.  In the meantime, you'll uncover an inner (and outer) strength that you may never even knew you had. And you'll be amazed at what you can achieve in just 6 short weeks!

Hello there old friend, you’ll still have full access to all of the original videos & guides through the emails you’ve previously received.

You do however also have the chance to get full access to the new & improved platform for a nominal one-time upgrade fee, that will give you full lifetime access to any updates, new videos and bonus material that I’ll be adding. 

Check your email for a special link to upgrade to the new platform.

First of all congrats! How exciting! Before you start any exercise program it’s always good to check with your doctor. This program is great if you’ve been working out and are still earlier on in your pregnancy. If you’re looking for something that’s more for beginners you can try out my 30 Beginner Challenge which will be coming out in January.

If you are further along in your pregnancy there are a few exercises that are better to avoid. You can always join the program once you have delivered.

Yes for sure. There have been hundreds of nursing moms who have joined the program! I’m always here to answer your questions and the facebook community is a great support. You want to make sure you’re getting enough calories and staying hydrated :) 


"I am not the same person I was before joining the program. Everyone I see is asking me about what I am doing as my body is shaping up to be what I always wanted after a long period of stagnation. Though I didn't stick by the book and had many missteps, I would say the most important thing I gained was awareness of my body's needs. I now know what works for me. And I can make it work. The community of participating ladies is very motivational. Zehra has been a superstar and a champion for all of us."

- Rashad

"I would say everything; the mindset of working out everyday, not being so hard on myself for missing a day and making it up. Clean eating/tabata/burpees/1 min planks/ one legged squats etc etc. It's all been one growing process."


"Consistently working out 5 days a week. Also I find push ups are getting better but still on my knees. Today tried doing a full push up with rotation and was definitely better but still need to go lower. Also I need to up my weights."


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