Start your fitness journey from the comfort of your own home.

Even if you’re pregnant, post-partum, or recovering from injury and have no idea where to begin.
I know the struggle of trying to find the right workouts for your needs. When my first child was born, I didn’t work out for a year and I experienced the waves of postpartum depression that came along with that. But as soon as I got back into working out, I realized that this was what I was missing all along. I created this program just for you because I know what it feels like to not have the support you need. It has low-impact workouts with modifications for every fitness level that will help you build healthy, consistent habits. Your mental health (and your baby) will thank you.
Join the 1000+ women who have started building Healthy Habits with the 30 Days to Fit.


Why do the Healthy Habits matter?

  • Gain confidence and energy
  • Better-fitting clothes
  • Workouts that meet you where you are in your journey
  • Getting back to pre-baby body 
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Valued at $199.99 USD

This is the last time I’ll be offering the program at this price, prices go up Feb 2023.

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You’re new to fitness or working out, and don’t know where to begin

You’ve got knee or back pain that has prevented you from working out 

You are currently pregnant or post-partum


You're a senior or elderly looking to get fit and be healthy

It is important for people who are postpartum or need to take it slow to add movement to their daily routine, even if it is just a little bit. Regular physical activity can have numerous benefits for physical and mental health, including improving cardiovascular fitness, strengthening bones and muscles, reducing stress, and boosting mood. 


" I was feeling so sluggish and unmotivated 6 months after giving birth. I know I wanted change, but I couldn't get myself to stay consistent. I was referred to the the 30 Days To Fit by a friend, and when I started, I saw an instant change in my mood, I was showing up for myself, and the program not only helped me to start moving again, but it also provided me with the routine and mentality to continue beyond the 30 days. I also love how I can come back and redo it anytime! Thank you!"


"I wanted to gift my mom who is older with something to help her with her fitness and have her FEEL good about moving.

The 30 Days program did just that for her. She looks forward to her daily dose of working out with Zehra and loves the variety of exercises she can do at her level. It means so much to give back to her in such a way and I am overjoyed to see her moving and getting stronger. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this program Zehra."

All of this for $4 a day!

Get ready to feel stronger, more confident and comfortable in your own skin as we take your fitness to the next level.

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I know it can feel intimidating trying to start a fitness routine. That’s why I’ve put together everything you need in this easy to follow program with simple and effective workouts that will get you the results you want. 

I’ve been a personal trainer for over 20 years and in that time I’ve helped train countless women from all different fitness levels. I understand that most of us just want to learn how to be more active and how to enjoy fitness so that we can feel better each and every day. 

Get Fit in 30 Days



"I have done Zehra's 6 Week Challenge twice now, and after having a baby, I know I wanted to start back to my fitness routine a little bit more slower, so I tried the 30 Days Challenge. It was exactly what I needed to get back to it and supported me in all the ways I needed it to."

 Only $119.99 

Valued at $199.99 USD

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