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It was an amazing 6week journey to a fitter/ stronger ME! It helped me get toned and back in shape and fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans! 👀 But apart from that, it initiated me and so my entire family to eat healthy and clean. Zehra is awesome.. she helps you every step of the way!!

—Sana Parekh

It’s been amazing! I started it last April 2018 when I was 4 months post partum and still holding on to lots of baby weight. 4 (maybe 5? Can’t remember!) rounds later, I’m happy to say I’ve lost all my baby weight and some (around 30 lbs). It didn’t all happen at once and I sure did have bad days/weeks/months - but getting back on track was so easy to do with your regiment :). Just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me last year 😊.

—Sobia Sultan

Awesome! You are one of my most favourite people! I weighed in the first week of Jan and had lost 10 lbs, I am at week 17 of working out 5 days a week, I eat better and love working out with you every day!!! You have changed my life.

—Sultana Khan

I have loved, loooved, loooooved being a part of these challenges! As a runner in recovery post-accident(s), I walked away feeling so much stronger and feeling proud of my body for its ability to overcome pain slowly but steadily. It gave me the confidence I needed to get back on the road with much more endurance! I like having the videos as you're right there with me sweatin' all the way through!

—Ayesha G Bakali


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